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The following workshops address some of the most common challenges facing today’s employees and managers. Each workshop can be booked as a live session for a group at your organization or as an online group webinar. The standard duration of each workshop is one workday. Please set up a free consultation to learn more. Various formats can be offered

over longer or shorter periods of time.


Take some time to reflect on the past
year and learn for future challenges.

From Crisis

to Crafty

Learn how to survive in your Home
Office right now and into the future.


Digital Leadership

for Managers

Learn how to overcome leadership challenges in a digital environment.

Business Coach

Learn the tactics of successful
women leaders.

Leading as a


Would you like a custom designed workshop?

Feel confident and competent

when working in Germany.

Doing business
in Germany


Does one of these topics interest you, but you would like for the workshop content to be made more relevant to your team’s situation or your own personal situation?


Ask me for a free personal consultation to discuss a custom workshop designed for your team or to discuss individual coaching that focuses specifically on your personal challenges in this area.

Anker_From Crisis to Crafty
  • No travel, no concerts, less social contact. Do you find it much more difficult to stay positive without knowing what the future brings?


  • During the pandemic did every day feel like the one before? Do you feel like you made little contribution or progress during this past year?  Did each workday seem to be an endurance contest without a goal?


  • Whenever you have a moment alone to reflect, do you dwell on getting back to normal or do you think about  ways in which you may need to change your world?

The workshop From Crisis to Crafty will help you to reflect on the past year and to bring some structure into an experience that often felt or feels chaotic. Using principles of resilience training, you will focus on the events of this past year and look at things from multiple perspectives.  The goal is to take some time to reflect on what you experienced during the pandemic period and to use what you learned to help you through future challenges.

From Crisis to Crafty

Take some time to reflect on the past year and learn for future challenges.

Anker_Ho Ho Ho
Image by Haut Risque

Applying the principles of motivation, self-management, and networking, this workshop will help you revamp your home office experience. The goal is that even after the pandemic you can look forward to productive days at home whenever you do not have to be at the office. You will learn methods to help motivate you through your workday while keeping your focus. We will also discuss the importance of organized work processes and workspaces within the HO environment and learn some valuable tips for maintaining ties with colleagues.

  • At times, do you find your home office environment to be more stressful than
    your organization’s office?

  • Without the normal office environment, is staying focused and motivated a challenge? Do you make excuses to do laundry, get a snack or a cup of coffee in order to avoid certain work tasks?


  • Do you miss the social contacts that you
    had at work or feel like your network has diminished over the past year?


  • Does your home office look like a hurricane just passed through?

HO, HO, HO! 
Home Office, Helpful Objectives, Healthy Optimism

Learn how to survive in your Home Office right now and into the future.

Anker_Digital Leadership for Managers
  • Do you feel like your role as a leader has evolved in a way that is not clearly under-stood? Does the home office environment
    feel overwhelming?


  • Are online meetings taking up most of your time making you feel like there is not enough time to do actual work?

  • Has it been difficult for you to maintain your team’s spirit and employee engagement? Do you sometimes wonder how your employees are doing in their HO?


  • Do you feel like you no longer have the time
    or the opportunity to focus on your own development or that of your employees?

If your answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone! In this unique workshop, we will discuss some of the nuances of digital leadership. We will evaluate the multiple roles that mangers must juggle in an online environment. Building on what each participant has personally experienced over the past year, you will learn how you can overcome some of the greatest challenges that digital leadership presents and make the most of a digital work environment.

Digital Leadership for Managers

Learn how to overcome leadership challenges in a digital environment.

Image by Mathias Jensen

The best teachers are

those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.

[Alexandra K. Trenfor]

Anker_Leading as a Woman
Image by Denys Nevozhai

Admittedly, these can be awkward topics, but they are nonetheless topics that many current and future women leaders are eager to learn more about. In this workshop, we will first discuss results of empirical studies that show evidence for the typical differences that women leaders face. Then, through group discussions and hands-on activities, we will explore the principles of networking, negotiation, and impression management and how these can be best applied to the leadership tactics of successful women leaders. 

  • As a woman in a leadership position, do
    you worry about making a competent and assertive impression while still being respected by your employees and colleagues?


  • Do you feel like your male colleagues can use negotiation and networking tactics that would never work for you?


  • Are you unsure of how to present your managerial status or your accomplishments without seeming arrogant or pretentious?


  • Do you feel like you don’t have a platform to discuss the specific challenges you face as a woman in a leadership role?

Leading as a Woman

Learn the tactics of successful women leaders.

Anker_Doing Business

If any of these questions apply to you, this workshop is for YOU!


Using discussions and hands-on activities, we will first set the stage for a constructive discussion regarding expatriate experiences. Based on the most recent expat research, we will explore the effects of cultural differences, but will also explore how these differences differ based on generational gaps, different types of work environments and even the area of the country in which you are working. The goal of the workshop is to make you feel at ease while working in Germany, to help you achieve a sense of belonging here, and to assist you in making decisions about your time abroad.

  • Are you an expatriate working in Germany?
    Do you feel like the language and cultural differences are making it challenging for you to do your best work?


  • Are you dealing with work situations that seem to be carried out very differently than they would be in your home country?


  • Do you wish to seek a job, change jobs, or take on a leadership position in Germany?

  • Or is Germany merely one of the countries
    you are considering and you would like more information for your decision?


  • Do you feel like you cannot find a platform
    to have a constructive discussion about the experiences of expatriate employees and leaders in Germany?

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Doing Business in Germany.

Feel confident and competent when working in Germany.

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